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BarcelonaInsights private tours

Welcome to the best Barcelona private tours and get an unforgettable experience

Discover the unique Barcelona private Tours for small groups and live a memorable trip you will never forget. We know every vacation is unique and for that reason our mission is to offer exceptional experiences with the absolute best customer experience. 

At Barcelona Insights, we want you to enjoy your trip to Barcelona by ensuring you discover a place that you will always remember.

Barcelona Tour Company

Our exclusive experience

Gaudí experience

Discover one of the most important architects of the 20th century and his impact on the world of architecture. Known for his use of organic forms, colorful mosaics, and his integration of nature into his designs.

A unique and enriching experience that allows visitors to appreciate the work of a renowned artist who attracts millions of people every year.

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Picasso experience

The Spanish artist led one of the most revolutionary art movements of the 20th century, the Cubism. He was not only an artist but also a social critic, and his works often dealt with the themes of war, poverty, and oppression.

Picasso stands out not only for its technical mastery but also in his revolutionary nature, social and cultural significance and its impact on the art world.

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Authentic experiences make the difference

Tailored experiences

Our services will be adapted to your preferences to ensure you will enjoy Barcelona in the best possible way

Dedicated attention for small audiences

We are specialized in private groups for seniors or families. We have years of expertise delivering high quality tours to couples and small groups.

Outside Barcelona Day trips

Visiting outstanding places like Montserrat, Sitges or Girona within a day is a great experience to complement

We have years of experience providing full day tours to small groups and families arriving by cruise and staying only 24h in Barcelona.

Private Transportation option

We can provide transportation assistance landing from Barcelona airport or adding as well a private driver during the private tour

We provide specific recommendations for the best restaurants, rooftops and other exclusive events based on our experience as locals. 

Why Barcelona Insights?

Dream makers

We are specialists in creating surprising and unexpected experiences that will be in your memories forever.


Obsessed with quality

Spending your holidays has to be an enjoyable and fulfilling travel experience. Every activity we set up is organized and curated with absolute attention and precision. 

Commited to your trip

Trips to Barcelona only happen a few times in life. Put yourself in good hands and let us guide you to discover a new fascinating experience.

Barcelona Tour Company

Who we are

At Barcelona Insights, we want to help you enjoy your trip to Barcelona by making it unique.

We know Barcelona offers many things, including art, food, shows and beautiful, warm sunshine. Let us know your preferences and we will tailor your visits, so you don't need to worry about what to see or what to do, just relax and enjoy the city!

Our purpose is to help you have the best experience possible, whatever that means to you. We believe in personalizing your visits by helping you to discover those things that will make Barcelona a city that you will never forget.

Barcelona Tour Company


Start planning your trip to Barcelona 

Do you have any doubt or special request?

Feel free to reach us and let us know 

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