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With the current Covid situation, traveling can be confusing. When booking a tour, it is normal to have lots of questions.

To help you answer these, we have collected the most frequently asked questions. Still, in case there are things that are not clear we will gladly address all your concerns to


Q. Are currently tours being made?

A. Yes. Currently at Barcelona Insights we are offering regular private and semi-private small group tours.

Q. Will you be offering refund options in case a customer cannot enter an attraction due to COVID restrictions?

A. Yes. In case a customer cannot join a tour previously booked due to a positive test result of COVID19, there will be a 50% refund with at least a 24h notification. In case the cancellation is done the same day of the tour, no refund will be provided.

Q. What are the restrictions to access tour attractions in Barcelona?

A. Every attraction has its own conditions, but in general it is not requested anymore to wear masks during the activity. A safety distance with other tourists is recommended. More specific information about Barcelona COVID-19 related topics can be found here:

Q. Do I need a vaccination pass to attend a tour?

A. There is no need to show a vaccination pass to attend a tour. 

Q. What happens if my booking is cancelled due to new lockdowns?

A. In case any specific attraction is closed due to lockdown reasons, we will offer the alternative of another tour with similar conditions or refund the activity. The tour refund conditions will depend on the overall conditions of the attractions that cancelled their access.

Q. Does Barcelona have vaccination protocols?

A. Yes, you can find all of them at the following website link:

Q. What should I do if I test positive for COVID-19 prior the tour?

A. We will kindly ask you to report it to us. In case you belong to a group of people who will attend the same tour, we will request the other members to bring a negative test in order to guarantee the safety and follow the protocols.

Q. If I book a tour and the venues are suddenly closed because of COVID19, will I get refunded?

A. In such a case, the price of the guiding service will be refunded completely; as per the tickets, it will depend on the attraction refunding policy. 

Q. Is it mandatory to wear masks during the tours?

A. No, at the moment masks are only recommended to wear in public transport.

Do you have any doubt or special request?
Feel free to reach us and let us know 

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