Park Güell

The Park Güell is one of the most beautiful gardens in the world. It was conceived as an innovative urbanization project, away from the city center, in a perfect location with awesome views. The cutting-edge ideas of a genius architect, combined with the modern wealth of a prosperous society made possible the creation of Park Guell; So, have Park Guell Tour and inside you will discover plenty of symbols and art from Gaudí and his closest collaborators.

Park Guell Barcelona Tour

Tour description

  • Entrance in Park Guell

  • Guided tour - English speaking

  • Gaudí artistic background and vital experiences

  • Visit to Gaudí’s house – museum.

What to expect on this tour

Discover the fantastic imagination of, and the deep relationship between, Gaudí and Nature. This is an outdoors walking tour with spectacular views of the city. The Park Güell is located 10 min walking distance from the closest metro station.


Meeting Point - Transportation
  • Close to L3 - Lesseps - metro station

  • Walk up to the Park Güell​ in 10 min

Rain policy
  • The tour is done outdoors, but is possible to do in the rain, if necessary

  • In case of heavy rain, it is recommended to find another indoor tour

Tour duration
  • Half day

  • Access hours depend on the official Park Güell opening timing

Tour insights


As Gaudí always respected nature, he decided to develop the spaces adapting them to the slopes of the hill, that is why he made the project for the creation of the viaducts to connect all the different areas of the park.
The viaducts consist of two levels: the upper level was planned for cars and carriages; the lower level was planned for pedestrians, so that in summer they could walk in the shade and, in case of rain, they were sheltered as they were walking around.
Nowadays, as you walk along the lower part of the viaducts you may find musicians and artists who create an even more magical atmosphere.

Casa Trias in the Park Güell

The Park Güell was conceived an urban area for wealthy people to live outside the city. The project itself was a failure. Only 3 houses were built because the bourgeoisie had fear of the terrorist attacks of the anarchists, which happened in Barcelona during the first years of the 20th century. One of the three houses you can find in the Park Güell is the Casa Trias. The owner, Mr Trias, was a close of Güell and Gaudí. The house was build by a disciple of the Domènech i Muntaner (another very famous architect in Barcelona) that was also collaborator of Gaudí. Interesting fact: in 1926 when Gaudí was in the hospital after being struck by a tram, was Mr Trias son, who was a medicine student, who recognized him in the hospital. Till that moment, Gaudí was treated as a beggar because he did not have any identity documentation and was wearing shabby clothes. Gaudí passed away a couple of days after.

Welcoming the visitors

The Park Güell was planned on a hill far away from Barcelona to avoid all its hygiene and public order problems of the early 20th century (1900). Gaudí designed the main entrance of this area welcoming the visitors who arrived after a long journey with two buildings following the principles of simplicity and utility. The first building on the left was planned to be used by the gatekeeper as his personal house to control the entrance and maintain the security of the urbanization. The one on the right side was designed to accommodate the visits: a building where people would go if interested in buying one of the forty parcels planned (in the end, just one parcel was sold).

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