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Partnerships and affiliate program for tours

We provide special conditions in our affiliate program for tour agents. In case you are a company and want to enable special conditions with your customers, do not hesitate to provide your contact details.


We have different programs in place to customize our services based on your preferences and business needs. Ideal in case you want to provide:

  • Dedicated activities for your customer

  • Customized itineraries

  • Multiple days or customized attractions

  • Customer special needs

What key topics are you interested in?
Thanks for contacting! We will get back to you as soon as we can!


Q: Are there any specific requirement to become a partner?

A: Not specifically. We perform some sanity checks in order to ensure the quality of our partners.

Q: Do the partnerships have any duration?

A: We update our partnership agreements every year to keep our database up to date.

Q: Can the tours be promoted in other websites?

A: Yes, but with some limitations.  Contact us for more details.

Q: Is there any commitment for the partnerships?

A: No. Some partnerships are based on performance. 

Q: Are the partnerships restricted to companies in Europe?

A: No. We deal with companies from all over the world.

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