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6 things that event locals do not know about Gaudí's pavement in Passeig de Gràcia

The pavement of the whole Passeig de Gràcia street is full of a singular symbology made by Antoni Guadí.

Beyond the beautiful design of the tiles, there are still many curiosities that most locals of Barcelona are not aware:

  1. The architect planned this design not for the Passeig de Gracia but for la Pedrera. Years after his death, finally the city council decided to apply the design to the whole entire street as a tribute to Gaudí.

  2. Currently, the original tile model is exposed in MoMa (New York).

  3. Inspired by the nature, the shape follows the same structure as a bee panel. Every tail is gets a part of an image that gets complemented with the tails around it repeating similar shape: a starfish, a seashell spiral and seaweed. The purpose of these 3 elements is to keep having the movement of the sea and the feeling of the nature under our feet.

  4. Since the original model was designed for a building (la Pedrera), the dimensions and the thickness of the pavement that were built originally had to be adjusted to the street.

  5. Each tile weights 6kg.

  6. This singular pavement is not only present in Barcelona, but also in other cities around Spain like Granada, Cáceres or Jaen.

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