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6 things you probably did not know of Santa María del Mar

Santa María del Mar is one of the most beautiful churches in Barcelona and most probably of all Europe. For its simplicity and also for its incredible beauty, this church is one of the purest gothic buildings in the south of Europe. Here you have 6 elements that you might not know about it:

  1. Santa María del Mar was build in just 30 years while other big churches, like Barcelona Cathedral needed more than 500.

  2. The gothic rosette was destroyed during a big earthquake of magnitude 8 in Richter scale during the 15th century

  3. Santa María del Mar church was burning for 11 days during the Spanish Civil War in 1936

  4. 4. In one of the big crystals hat were restored after the Civil War, you can find FC Barcelona icon

  5. 5. It is being said that, if any couple wants to get married in this beautiful church, the average waiting time is more than 2 years.

  6. Although there is a book called "Cathedral of the sea" referring to this church, the truth is that Santa María del Mar is not a Cathedral at all. It was just the Church of the ordinary people, since the Cathedral of Barcelona was considered only for the relevant and influential people of the 14th century.

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