A beautiful and hidden Maze in Barcelona

Updated: Aug 22

Although not many visitants are aware, Barcelona has a Maze. Looks strange to find one of this, but it can be found in Horta district. Is a public park in the northern side of Barcelona, close to the Tibidabo mountain.

The park is the oldest of Barcelona, created for the will of Marquise de Lupià, Juan Antonio Desvalls starting from 1794. The original garden was created following a Neoclassical style, then was expanded and some parts modified in the XIX century adding Romantic elements. It became a public garden in 1968, when the Desvalls family sold it to the Municipality of Barcelona as the price of its maintenance was too high and they could not get any benefit from it.

It has always been such an amazing place that even kings visited it during the years. In it, it was also shot a scene from the movie “Perfume: the story of a murderer” in 2006.

Of course the most famous part of the garden is the Maze, which measures 45 by 50 meters and it was created using as a model the Crete labyrinth of the Greek mythology, the one of Theseus and Ariadne, who are mentioned in an inscription at the entrance of the maze. Once you reach the center you´ll find yourself in front of a statue of Eros, at the exit a little pond and on the retaining wall the Eco and Narcissus grotto.

Anyway, this garden is so much more than just the maze that our recommendation is to spend a few hours walking around its different areas, disconnecting from the most touristic attractions and enjoying this little oasis.

More info can be found in: https://www.barcelona.cat/en/que-hacer-en-bcn/parques-y-jardines/parque-del-laberint-dhorta_92086011952.html

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