Barcelona version of the Venice Towers

Updated: Aug 22

They are known as the Venetian towers for their resemblance with the San Marco belltower in Venice which, as a matter of fact, was used as a model by the architect Ramon Reventós to build these ones.

The reason of their construction was the International Expo that took place in Barcelona in 1929. This Expo represented a chance to develop the area around Montjuïc, at that time in the outskirts of the city, characterized by open fields and some factories.

The towers were built as a decoration of the main entrance to the exhibition area, to which people would access from Plaza de España. Still nowadays they are part of the skyline of this area, welcoming all those people who want to discover Montjuïc and its many facets.

These towers can be seen in our Montjuïc private tour with other interesting attractions such as Mies van de rRohe Pavilion, magic fountainsor MNAC museum.

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