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Gaudí's secret buliding in Barcelona: The Bellesguard Tower

La Torre Bellesguard (Bellesguard Tower), also known as Casa Figueras, is a residential building designed by the famous Spanish architect Antoni Gaudí. It is located in the neighborhood of Sarrià-Sant Gervasi in the northern side of Barcelona. The building was built between 1900 and 1909 and is considered one of Gaudí's more modernist works.

torre bellesguard main entrance
torre bellesguard outside sunny view barcelona

Bellesguard is known for its eclectic architectural style, which combines elements of Gothic and Mudéjar architecture. The building's façade is decorated with intricate ceramics and stonework, and its roof is covered in colorful tiles that form a characteristic undulating pattern.

In addition to its architectural significance, Bellesguard is also historically significant, as it was built on the site of a medieval castle that was once owned by King Martin I of Aragon. This historical connection is reflected in the building's name, which means "Beautiful View" in Catalan and refers to the castle's location on a hill with a view over the city of Barcelona.

torre bellesguard cross Gaudí style
torre bellesguard reception modernist style

Today, La Torre Bellesguard is privately owned and not open to the public, but it is still possible to admire the building from the street. It is considered one of Gaudí's lesser-known works, but is highly valued by architecture enthusiasts and is considered a valuable part of Barcelona's cultural heritage.

torre bellesguard interior entrance sant jordi
torre bellesguard view from the back tour

The Torre Bellesguard was built on a large estate in the Collserola hills outside Barcelona, and it is considered one of Gaudí's unique and innovative works. To reach this building is not easy, since it is not located close to any metro station. Our suggestion is to reach the building by taxi or by a private driver that can bring you there. It is considered as well a very suitable tour for senior groups.

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