Casa Trias in the Park Güell

Updated: Aug 22

The Park Güell was conceived an urban area for wealthy people to live outside the city. The project itself was a failure. Only 3 houses were built because the bourgeoisie had fear of the terrorist attacks of the anarchists, which happened in Barcelona during the first years of the 20th century.

One of the three houses you can find in the Park Güell is the Casa Trias. The owner, Mr Trias, was a close of Güell and Gaudí. The house was build by a disciple of the Domènech i Muntaner (another very famous architect in Barcelona) that was also collaborator of Gaudí.

Interesting fact: in 1926 when Gaudí was in the hospital after being struck by a tram, was Mr Trias son, who was a medicine student, who recognized him in the hospital. Till that moment, Gaudí was treated as a beggar because he did not have any identity documentation and was wearing shabby clothes. Gaudí passed away a couple of days after.

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