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La Llotja de Mar - old Barcelona fish and finantial Market

This is a pretty unique Gothic-style building located in the city center of Barcelona, close to the Barceloneta, in a zone known as Pla de Palau.

It was built in the XIV century and is considered one of the most important examples of Gothic civil architecture in the city. This magic place used to be one of the first financial markets in Europe and the sea consulate of a very powerful navy empire, as it was the Crown of Aragon (a very important kingdom in the Mediterranean Sea during the middle age). It was originally used as a merchants' exchange, where merchants and traders would meet to conduct business and exchange goods.

The architecture of this building has a mix of Gothic and Neoclassic style, with a unique set of arches and impressive columns, pretty unique from a civil building perspective. The building's design is characterized by its pointed arches, ribbed vaults, and ornate decoration.

In the 19th century, the building was used as a school of fine arts. Today, the Llotja de Mar is home to the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB), which hosts exhibitions, conferences, and other cultural events.

Overall, the Llotja de Mar is a unique and important architectural and historical landmark in Barcelona. It is a valuable example of Gothic architecture, reflecting the city's rich cultural heritage and its past as a major trading center.

Today, this building can be visited only through a guided tour from a specialized agency:

A quite unique experience that is not in the standard tours and is worth every penny.

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