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La Pedrera, a house for modern times

La Pedrera (house of the Milà family) is a very well-known building in the center of Barcelona. Its white stone façade is pretty famous around the world.

However, in contrast with the white façade, the vestibules are a celebration of colors, and of course the light plays a prominent role. In the vestibules there are the main stairs, connection with the main floor (where the Milà family lived), and the service stairs and elevator to reach the other floors and apartments.

pedrera entrance barcelona private tour

The main gate, an impressive combination of glass and iron, is characterized by the side entrances, for pedestrians, and the central one used for cars. The Casa Milà was one of the first houses in Barcelona in having a garage. Gaudí already at the beginning of the 20th century envisioned the need of having a private garage for cars when still carriages were the main transport.

Everything was conceived as a fully equipped building ready for modern times.

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