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The unique in the world Montserrat natural park

Description of Montserrat

At just 1 hour driving distance from Barcelona, there is one of the most beautiful natural icons that can be found in Europe. From many centuries, Montserrat has been considered special and a sacred place, where millions of Pilgrims have been traveling to visit its sanctuary.

The Montserrat mountain is not only a unique landmark because of the Benedict abbey from the XI century. It also has an outstanding, beautiful natural landscape and incredible sights. The shape of the mountain looks like a saw. Indeed, the name Montserrat means “sawed mountain”.

This particular mountain has its layout formed more than 50 million years ago. At that time, in this area there was the delta of a huge river that collected a huge amount of sediments and composites (the sea border was 50km -30 miles- than where it is now).

Those composites, after getting dry, rose up when most of the mountains appeared in the south of Europe/north of Africa. Then, the wind and rains, after centuries, created the stunning shape we can see today. Montserrat is declared a natural park and offer many hiking routes with incredible views where you can enjoy beautiful sights.

Different hiking possibilities from Montserrat Abbey

Once you reach the Abbey (you can reach it from the Cable Car, by vehicle or even walking from Monistrol de Montserrat) there are plenty of options for you to walk around depending on your capabilities. Here you have some options but we recommend you to look further in case you want to find additional hikes:

  1. Sant Joan Cable Car round hike: This is a simple and easy hike that can be done from the top of Sant Joan Cable Car till the Sanctuary. It is around 1 hour walk downhill and it has very nice views around the natural park.

  2. Sant Jeroni Trail: This hike is a bit challenge and takes you to the highest point of Montserrat, Sant Jeroni (4055 feet). The trail sometimes might get a bit steep and rocky, but the views from the top are incredible. It takes about three to four hours to complete the round trip. A priceless moment is to enjoy the sunset or the sunrise of this incredible spot.

  3. Santa Cova Trail: This is a shorter trail that takes you to the Chapel of Santa Cova, which is believed to be the place where the Virgin Mary appeared to a shepherd boy. The trail is easy to moderate and takes about an hour each way. In order to enjoy the stories of the Abbey and the Sanctuary, we recommend taking a Montserrat private tour with an official tour guide to learn all aspects of this outstanding landmark.

  4. Cavall Bernat Trail: This is a challenging hike that takes you to the iconic Cavall Bernat. The steepest monolith in Montserrat with breathtaking views. The path gets very steep at certain areas and requires some scrambling, but the views from the top are worth it. It takes about three to four hours to complete the round trip.

A perfect plan to enjoy the nature

Overall, Montserrat is an excellent mountain for hiking, offering a perfect combination of natural beauty, cultural significance, and accessibility. A beautiful mountain range that offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. From the peaks, you can see the city of Barcelona, the Mediterranean Sea, and the Pyrenees Mountains in the distance.

There are many trails on Montserrat that cater to hikers of all levels, from easy and short walks to more challenging routes. The trails take you through stunning landscapes, including forests, rock formations, and meadows. At the same time, the trails on Montserrat are well-marked and maintained, making it easy to explore the mountain safely.

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