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The unique in the world Montserrat natural park

Description of Montserrat

At just 1 hour driving distance from Barcelona, there is one of the most beautiful natural icons that can be found in Europe. From many centuries, Montserrat has been considered special and a sacred place, where millions of Pilgrims have been traveling to visit its sanctuary.

The Montserrat mountain is not only a unique landmark because of the Benedict abbey from the XI century. It also has an outstanding, beautiful natural landscape and incredible sights. The shape of the mountain looks like a saw. Indeed, the name Montserrat means “sawed mountain”.

This particular mountain has its layout formed more than 50 million years ago. At that time, in this area there was the delta of a huge river that collected a huge amount of sediments and composites (the sea border was 50km -30 miles- than where it is now).

Those composites, after getting dry, rose up when most of the mountains appeared in the south of Europe/north of Africa. Then, the wind and rains, after centuries, created the stunning shape we can see today. Montserrat is declared a natural park and offer many hiking routes with incredible views where you can enjoy beautiful sights.

Different hiking possibilities from Montserrat Abbey

Once you reach the Abbey (you can reach it from the Cable Car, by vehicle or even walking from Monistrol de Montserrat) there are plenty of options for you to walk around depending on your capabilities. Here you have some options but we recommend you to look further in case you want to find additional hikes: