Montserrat Natural Park

Updated: Aug 22

Montserrat is not only a unique place because of its sanctuary. It has also an outstanding beautiful natural landscape and incredible sights. The shape of the mountain looks like a saw. Indeed, the name Montserrat means “sawed mountain”.

This particular mountain has its layout formed more than 50 million years ago. At that time, in this area there was the delta of a huge river that collected a huge amount of sediments and composites (the sea border was 50km - 30 miles- than where it is now).

Those composites, after getting dry, rised up when most of the mountains appeard in the south of europe/north of Africa. Then, the wind and rains, after centuries, created the stunning shape we can see today. Montserrat is declared a natural park and offer many hiking routes with incredible views where you can enjoy beautiful sights.

A priceless moment is to enjoy the sunset or the sunrise of this incredible spot.

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