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Nativity façade, the gem of La Sagrada Familia

One of the most spectacular elements in laSagrada Familia is the Nativity façade. It is one of the three façades of the famous church designed by the architect Antoni Gaudi. The Nativity Façade is the earliest of the three façades and was built between 1894 and 1930. This was the main element of the temple that was built while Gaudí was alive.

facade of sagrada familia entrance Gaudí barcelona

The Nativity Façade is considered to be the most ornate and decorated of the three facades, with a wealth of intricate details and sculptures. It depicts the Nativity of Jesus and the scenes of the life of the Virgin Mary and Joseph. The sculptures on the façade are also quite striking and are considered to be some of Gaudi's most important works.

Most of the elements in this façade, reflect certain scenes of the Bible that Gaudí used to transmit its values to the citizens of Barcelona. The sculptures were built using people who lived in the surrounding areas as models to make the sculptures more authentic and real.

Many elements of the nature can be found in the façade: palm trees, turtles, many birds or even a chameleon.

The Nativity Façade is widely regarded as a masterpiece of Catalan Art Nouveau and is a must-see attraction for anyone visiting Barcelona. It is a fascinating blend of Christian symbolism, modernist architectural elements, and Gaudi's unique artistic vision. Despite being unfinished, the Nativity Façade is one of the most visited parts of the Sagrada Familia, and it is a great spot for taking pictures.

A whole temple full of beauty and symbols that will certainly amaze you.

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