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The Pantocrator, a masterpiece from XII century, in Barcelona

The Pantocrator is a term used in Eastern Orthodox iconography to describe a specific depiction of Jesus Christ. In this depiction, Jesus is shown as the ruler of the universe, often with a stern expression and holding a book or scroll representing the Gospels.

The Pantocrator from the apse of Sant Climent de Taüll is a beautiful historic fresco from the XII century that can be found in MNAC. The MNAC (Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya) is a national museum located in Barcelona, that has a large art collection including medieval art from the north of Spain.

This painting is one of the masterpieces of the European Romanesque era. It was painted in a small church in the Pyrinees, and it was moved to Barcelona in 1919 with other fresco elements of the Romanesque churches.

The fresco depicts Christ sitting on a throne, surrounded by angels and evangelists. His right hand is raised in a blessing gesture, and his left hand holds an open book. His facial expression is solemn, with an intense gaze, and he is dressed in imperial robes

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