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Small Statue of Liberty in Barcelona

Did you know there is a small copy of the Statue of Liberty in Barcelona? Indeed, you can find it near the Arch of Triumph, in a small library called Biblioteca Arús (Arus Public Library).

The statue was completed in 1894 and is made of bronze. It is just only 2 meters height, a bit smaller compared with the 46 meters from the original one in New York. It is made of bronze and looks exactly similar to the original one except for one little detail: the text on the tablet is not "July IV MDCCLXXVI" but "Anima Libertas" which means "soul freedom". A clear reference to the scope of the library and its purpose within the society of the XIX century.

The state is just at the entrance of the library that is considered the center and the origin of the Masonry Fraternity in Barcelona.

The library entrance is free and is open to visitors.

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