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Did you know barcelona is full of secret submarine statues?

Did you know that the first submarine was Designed by a catalan engineer/designer called Narcis Monturiol?

Although many ideas about a ship that could navigate under the water were thought and designed from in the 16th century, Narcís invented the first fully functional engine-driven, combusition powered and air independent submarine.

The first practical underwater vehicle was powered by an air-independent propulsion system. He is considered one of the most important inventors of the 19th century in Spain.

submarine statue in maremagnum barcelona tour

The vehicle was named Ictineo. The Ictineu was a revolutionary design, as it was the first underwater vehicle that could operate independently of a surface supply of air.

In 1864, Monturiol built the Ictineo II, which was an improved version of the Ictineo, and it was the first self-propelled underwater vehicle. He also designed a number of other inventions, including a machine for manufacturing artificial fibers, a machine for making candles, and a device for producing compressed air.

submarine model in barcelona

Mr Monturiol died in 1885, but his legacy lived on, as he was considered a pioneer in the field of underwater technology and engineering, and continues to be celebrated as one of Catalonia's most important inventors

In Barcelona there are several statues around the city. Have you ever wondered where they are?

narcis monturiol statue barcelona

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