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The Façade of the monastery of Montserrat

The Abbey of Montserrat is a Benedictine monastery located in the Montserrat mountain. The abbey is home to the Virgin of Montserrat, a Black Madonna statue that is said to have been discovered by shepherds in the 9th century. The statue is considered to be one of the most important pilgrimage sites in Spain and is also known as the "Moreneta" (the little dark one).

This façade, in front of the main square of the sanctuary, is the entrance to the church. It was rebuilt after the invasion of Napoleon in 1812, who burned and plundered the sanctuary.

The façade is dominated by 3 main elements: the 12 apostles and Jesus in the center, a big rose window and a clock at the top.

Just in front of the façade, there is a cloister, reflecting the main elements of this sanctuary since its foundation around the 12th century. There are several elements that reflect the life of the monks that live in the abbey, such as paintings and sculptures.

Currently, there are around 70 monks leaving in the sanctuary, although it is quite rare to find them in the public space of the abbey.