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The most iconic tower in Barcelona

The Olympic Games that were celebrated in Barcelona in 1992 left many iconic buildings and structures in the city. One of the key examples is the Calatrava tower. This tower was built in Montjuic, close to the Olympic stadium, and is 136 meters high (almost 500 feet).

The tower was built to cover the Olympic Games efficiently, since they were held in the middle of Montjuic hill, that has no communication coverage at the time.

The particular share of the tower has a meaning: it represents an athlete carrying the Olympic torch with the flame. The base of the tower is covered by Trencadís, the mosaic technique used by Gaudí 100 years ago in other places in Barcelona such as the park Guell.

The tower is located close to Sant Jordi stadium and the Olympic stadium, in a very wide an open area where some outdoor activities are organized such as concerts or running events.

It has turned one of the most iconic pictures over the city that can be found in many postcards.

Calatrava tower barcelona montjuic tour

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