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The most beautiful day in Barcelona

Every 23rd of April is the national fest of Catalonia: Sant Jordi (Saint George)

The festival is considered the "Catalan Valentine's Day." On this day, it is traditional for men to give women a rose and for women to give men a book. The day is also celebrated with parades, traditional dancing, and other cultural events. The festival honors Saint George, the patron saint of Catalonia, who is said to have saved the city of Barcelona from a dragon.

The fairy tale mentions that, from the dragon's blood, grew many red roses. That is the reason why every town or city in Catalonia is full of roses every April 23rd. Even la Casa Batlló was full of roses back in 2016 as in the picture below.

Although it gets a bit crowded, this is the most special day of the year for locals.

Definitely a day full of magic and very romantic. If you want to visit the city during this period of the year, you won't regret the special atmosphere you can feel all over the city.

Sant Jordi Casa Batlló Barcelona tour

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