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Unique textile factory close to barcelona center

Nowadays it is known as the Caixa Forum, a cultural center, but its history dates back to the beginnings of the XX century, when it was built as a textile factory by the great Modernist architect Josep Puig i Cadafalch.

The architectural style is typical of that period, with exposed bricks and some ceramic and iron decorations on the towers, where we can read the name of the owner. The towers themselves were built not just as a mere decoration, but they were used as water deposits to extinguish possible fires.

Last but not least, it was an innovative structure, as the factory used to work thanks to electricity; the architect kept in mind the employees’ wellbeing and working conditions, that’s why there are big windows and high ceilings. Unfortunately, the factory didn’t last long, as in 1920 it went bankrupt and closed its doors.

During the 1929 International Expo it was used as a warehouse; later on, as a unit for the national police, until it was bought by the foundation “La Caixa”, that restored the entire building, preserving its original aspect.

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