Sagrada Familia

Private Tour Sagrada Familia

The most famous and incomplete masterpiece of Gaudi revealed. Enjoy a walk through this work-in-progress gem of Barcelona, discovering all its hidden symbols and meanings. Admire the contrasts in between the Nativity and the Passion facades. Submerge yourself into its lights and fascinating colors. Get lost inside its forest of columns with its cozy and unique environment. A must see visit of one of the world’s most incredible temples.


What to expect on this tour

This is the most famous and significant attraction of the city. A huge temple in the middle of the city that has been built for more than 130 years. An incredible expression of talent, spirituality, beauty and modernism. More than three million people do Sagrada Familia Tour every year.

  • Entrance in Sagrada Familia (skip lines)

  • Symbology of the temple

  • Facades and interior details

  • Visit to the Sagrada Familia School

  • Visit to the Sagrada Familia museum

Tour description

Meeting Point - Transportation
  • Next to L5 metro station

Tour duration
  • Half day

  • Access hours depend on the official Sagrada Familia opening timing

Rain policy
  • The tour is done outdoors and indoors, but is possible to do in the rain, if necessary

Tour insights

Sagrada Familia WIP: towards 2026

Climbing one of the towers of the Passion Façade you can see more in detail the central towers dedicated to the Evangelists and the one dedicated to Jesus.
They are planning to complete the construction of the Evangelists' towers by 2022.
At the moment, inside the church you can find displayed the scale models of the symbols of the Evangelists (the ox, the eagle, the angel and the lion) that will decorate the top of the towers.
The height they will reach is of 135 meters, quite impressive!
But nothing compared to the height that the tower of Jesus will reach: 172,5 meters! It will be the highest one in the entire city of Barcelona

Saint Peter

Among the many extraordinary things that can be found in la Sagrada Familia, we can enjoy the impressive statues that represent the liturgy of the Bible. One of the scenes in the Passion facade is Denial of Saint Peter. The statue shows Peter with a very sad face after denying 3 times he knew Jesus after his arrest. These statues were done by a talented Catalan sculptor, Josep Maria Subirachs, starting in 1987 (still some statues have to be placed).

Colours in la Sagrada Familia

Once in a while, we all need to add shiny colors in our life.
When mentioning colors, nothing comes to our mind more than the breathtaking stained glasses of la Sagrada Familia! Joan Vila i Grau was the one that made possible their creation, using traditional tecniques already known since the XII century.
The result: a unique light all around, the visitor is literally embraced by this rainbow. You have to try, to understand and enjoy this experience!

The bronze doors of the Charity

These were the first doors that were placed in la Sagrada Famila in 2015! (before that, there were no doors in the temple). They are part of the Nativity façade, the one that was done when Gaudí was alive. The doors are the ones in the centre of the façade, in the Charity portal. The doors are represented full of green ivy leafs. Etsuro Sotoo, the Japanese sculptor who built them, stated that the Ivy is the element in the nature that represents better the love. Indeed the doors are dedicated to Mary and Joseph.

The doors are made of Bronze. It was on purpose, since bronze is a metal that, the more it gets touch, the more brilliant and beautiful it becomes like the love between two people.

Nativity façade, the gem of La Sagrada Familia

One of the most spectacular elements in laSagrada Familiais the Nativity façade. This was the main element of the temple that was built while Gaudí was alive. Most of the elements in this façade, reflect certain scenes of the Bible that Gaudí used to transmit its values to the citizens of Barcelona. The sculptures were built using people who lived in the surrounding areas as models to make the sculptures more authentic and real. Many elements of the nature can be found in the façade: palm trees, turtles, many birds or even a chameleon. A whole temple full of beauty and symbols that will certainly amaze you.

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