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Best Shore Tours in Barcelona

Vacations are all about making memories that last a lifetime.

In our shore excursions for cruises, we provide all what you need to enjoy Barcelona with your family and friends.

Whether you’re planning a two-week trip to Europe or a weekend escape in Spain, taking the time to make special memories is what it's all about.


Make sure that you don't miss out on any of the amazing experiences Barcelona has to offer.


Enjoy all the advantages of having a knowledgeable and experienced local to help you explore the best spots without being stuck in tourist traps. 

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Do not miss the advantages

50% faster to reach key places

The city is very busy and dynamic. In a shore day excursion in Barcelona, the best is to move around the city with a private driver. In addition, we recommend getting the "skip the line tickets" through our professional guide is key to not lose time 

+ 70% satisfaction of the city experience

After years of experience, it has been demonstrated that visitors' satisfaction of the city and everything that has to offer is much higher when they hired a dedicated professional tour service for shore trips. 

Double the attractions you can visit

In a shore excursion in Barcelona, time is limited. If you are travelling by yourself, normally you reach 1 or 2 attractions in one day. With our guide, you can visit 4 key places and outstanding panoramic experiences.

-90% inconveniences and hassles

Barcelona is a big city and there is plenty of scams for tourists: pickpockets, bad restaurant experiences, bad quality souvenirs, and many more. With our experience, this gets minimized.

Barcelona Full day tour

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Complete Barcelona experience

Live the best experience in our Barcelona shore day excursions thanks to our professional guiding services. Move around the city with a private driver, so you can reach far distances without losing time with public transport.

From 9 am till 6pm you will enjoy a full day experience:

  • Get amazed by Gaudí and his masterpieces as you would in a Sagrada familia private tour.

  • Walk through the city center as in a private Barcelona Gothic quarter tour.

  • Discover the incredible views of Park Güell.

  • Enjoy the panoramic scenes from Montjuic

  • Get best recommendations to eat as locals 

  • Skip the line in all attractions

Ideal for

Small groups arriving by cruise who will only have the chance to visit Barcelona in 24h. If you will stay in Barcelona once in your live, you do not want to miss the opportunity to see the "must-do" experiences of Barcelona.

The best Barcelona private shore city tour is also recommended for families and couples who want to experience a full immersive Barcelona experience thanks to a local tour guide with all the amenities. 

Half day tour

Enjoy one full morning tour immersed with the most precious treasures that cannot be seen anywhere else in the world: Antoni Gaudí masterpieces. In one morning you will visit la Sagrada Familia and Park Guell and discover all the key elements that make  

Ideal for

Groups arriving with cruises who will stay multiple days in Barcelona and want to have the flexibility to see the key attractions of the city in different batches.

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Make the most out of your trip and don't miss the key highlights.

With the help of a professional and dedicated private tour guide, you can ensure that your trip is filled with memorable moments and experiences without any hassle.

At BarcelonaInsights we ensure that your vacation will be truly memorable and unforgettable!

With the support of a private driver at your disposal you will travel faster to the main attractions, avoid the crowded public transport and be safe of pickpockets. 

Thanks to our independent shore excursion services, you will also relax and reach the best panoramic views over the city to get a perfect view of the best spots.

How to get to Barcelona?

Barcelona is a major cruise port in the Mediterranean, and many cruise lines offer itineraries that include a stop in the city. Transatlantic cruises that depart from North America and stop in Barcelona as part of the itinerary usually take around 7-14 days to cross the Atlantic Ocean. While some other cruises usually depart from other Mediterranean ports such as Rome, Venice, or Athens, and they usually make several stops along the way.

The Port of Barcelona is located close to the city center, near the Gothic Quarter. However, it is not close to some of the best attractions of the city like La Sagrada Familia or Park Guell. If you are a city expert or a local, the combinations to move around are accessible by public transportation but, if you want to make the most of your trip, a personal driver with an expert tour guide is the best choice.

With the help of a professional and dedicated guidance, our independent shore cruise excursions will ensure your trip is filled with memorable moments and experiences. Thanks to our private Barcelona tours, you will not have all the inconveniences of logistics, traffic jams or misleading information.

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Start planning your trip to Barcelona deciding your own tour preferences 

Do you have any doubt or special request?

Feel free to reach us and let us know 

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